Saturday, June 20, 2009

Residential Rooftops

Hi Everyone,
Work on the residential side of the project is going well.  I'm attaching a few pictures of the alley way where I live.  You can see that some of the garages are simple black top, but some people have converted theirs to patio areas.  My goal will be to introduce a green roof to the garage tops that are not accessible, but that will provide both a positive environmental solution as well as an attempt to beautify an otherwise ugly view of the alley.

This is a photo of my rooftop.  Half of it has a built on deck but the majority of it is just a black top roof.  I'll be designing a green roof with a gazebo type seating solution for this space.

The previous two photos show the garage rooftops I was mentioning.  There are many others in the alley but this shows a good example.  

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