Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Inspiration Pictures

Piazza Vavonna

Sorry guys, I don't remember the exact name of the fountain but you know what it is.. :)
The fountain looks awesome but I like the tower in the middle that stands out..

Piazza Navonna (one more...)

I just like how the buildings surround the entire piazza and it gives a stong sense of community. 
Not a great photo but you can still see what i mean... right?! lol 

The Night sight of Castel Sant'Angelo.
I just thought the lighting of this street was amazing and beautiful. And how the castle stands out from the far view from the lighting and you can just be amazed by it. I know this is not exactly related to "Green Roof" idea but I think we can definitely incorporate lighting ideas into our garden so people can enjoy the place at night like a lot of Italians do. 

It looks like I only have pictures taken at night time.. hope you don't mind. I just came across with the whole lighitng idea and night life they have in Italy and wanted to add that thoughts into our project. I'll research more into it if necessary. or, am I too far off?! 
ok so.. that's it for now! 

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