Saturday, June 6, 2009

N Y Calhoun School Roof Top

How Calhoun Uses its Green Roof
Calhoun's renowned lunch program has been a major beneficiary of our Green Roof herb garden, which is planted each spring as a joint project between Lower School classes and our food service chefs -- who frequently visit classrooms and conduct after-school clubs to promote nutrition and healthy eating habits.
The Green Roof has been used for environmental and plant biology studies as well as for units in math (geometry). Currently, there are plans for a weather station, solar panels and telescope that will all used to enrich courses of study in science classes.
The Green Roof has also been the site of an outdoor art installation and various receptions, a source of inspiration for poetry classes, and a favorite escape from urban life! Calhoun’s faculty continues to develop curriculum for the Green Roof, collaborating with a number of organizations with whom the School has relationships, including Rockefeller University, the Black Rock Forest Consortium and the Earth Pledge Foundation, a leader in Green Roof design and education.

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