Friday, June 12, 2009

Hi Guys

I'm really sorry that I missed class again this week..
I took cold medicine last night and I couldn't wake up.. I guess I didn't hear my alram.
I promise not to make this mistake again.... I'm really sorry. 
and I don't mind going to school right now but then it's gonna take about at least 30 min to get there so by then, i think it's too late. 
anyway, Im guessing someone will post the class discussion?
I will check this blog and I'll do whatever I'll need to do going forward. 
and, I was gonna say today, since we have (I think) enough information about green roof,
i think it's time for us to start designing our space.. I don't know if you guyes already talked about this or not.. but I'll see the space and start thinking about what will go on the space and stuff..
So.. yea. I'll see what's up on the blog later and do my work! 
sorry guys 


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