Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Don't forget about Greensburg! They do as we talk!

In the Greensburg episode "Second Anniversary", The Silo Eco-Home is nearly complete—all it needs now is a green roof. Named after one of the few structures left standing after the tornado, and built to be the strongest building in town, the Silo Eco-Home the perfect spot for a green roof.That's where the Greensburg student Green Club comes in. The Green Club students hope the idea catches on and more green roofs will follow in Greensburg.

The students start by spreading out the dirt then planting flowers in the center. Next, as the dirt settles, they'll move out from the center adding vegetables and vegetation. Adding a green roof to the Silo Eco-Home will help keep the roof cool, purify water and air, improve stormwater management and as the kids point out, provide a cool place to hang out.

Green Club member Alexis Fleener says:

I think the green roof idea is unique and space-saving. I think it will catch on once people see more about it and how cool and efficient it is.

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