Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Hey guys
Tiffiany and I are working on the park project and have decided on Jackson Park due toits location and history with Chicago. Jackson Park is a huge community park with several areas to for activities ans displays. It is also the site of Chicago's first World Fair and will be the site of the 100th year world fair celebration. Jackson Park has also been included in the plans for the Olympics. Tiffany and I have decided on the following:

We will produce 1-2 public spaces
One or both will include a fountain with an art structure incorporated
One will incorporate an area for dog activity
Our fountain will be interactive
We will try to base the fountain structure and sculpture off a World Fair or Olympic theme possible for attractions

We are now in the process of obtaining plans and pics of the park which will include
the original park before ots expansion and getting more detailed pics of the current park today........look for more pic soon.

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