Friday, June 12, 2009

Direction, Goals, Deadlines!!!!

Hello Everyone,

Today in class we discussed.....

-Meeting in two weeks, June 26th

During these two weeks you should be meeting with your small group and developing your space. We will have a pin up on Friday June 26th and would like to see:

Pictures, Sketches, Renderings (of any sort), concept statement etc..

On June 26th be prepared to present to the class the whole concept and direction of your space. Tweeking can be done after but this is the time to receive feedback and suggestions.

The week after June 26th will be for FINALIZING your space. Although we are not meeting on July 3rd, this date will be a deadline for sumbitting your final presentation elements to Sarah and Peggy to format for the Gallery.

July 10th is our goal for the final project! Let's try to make it!!!

If you were unable to make it to class today please contact one of us or your small group to get caught up and know your next step.

As of today, update on small groups:

Parking Garage: Tiffany & Laura
School: Chelsey & Mary
Park: Ava & Tiffany
John Hancock: Anne Marie & Peggy (Michelle & YoungJi ?)
Residential Garage & Rooftops: Sarah

History of Piazzas: Tiffany & Laura
Documenting Project for Gallery: Peggy & Sarah

Thank you and Have a great Weekend!!

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